Water Billing & Rates


Our rates are set by the Commission based on capital and operating costs of the the District. TEWD2 is a municipal utility, consequently the decision of the Commission is final (Municipal utilities are NOT regulated by the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission. See Consumer Complaints).
New Rates as of February 1, 2023

New rates effective starting with the February 1, 2023 billing approved by Resolution of the Board.

Basic Rate: $50.19 (includes first 500 cubic feet)
Reserve maintenance fee: $10.79 per month
Street lighting fee: $2.00 per month

Tiered Charges per cubic feet above the basic rate as follows:

$0.0096 per cubic foot for usage between 500 to 1000 cubic feet
$0.0186 per cubic foot for usage between 1000 to 1500 cubic feet
$0.0485 per cubic foot for usage of 1500 cubic feet and above

State Excise Tax of $0.05029 charged on the total amount due.

Additional charges

Meter Tampering Charge $200
Cross Connection Charge: Test $40
Reconnection fee $40
Transfer of Title fee $35
After Hours fee $50
Shut Off Notice or Door Tags $20
Service Turn On/Off $25
Failure to Allow Reading of Meter $5/day
Abandonment of Service $100
Reactivation of Abandonment Service $300
Return Check/Item fee $40

**other charges as set by TEWD2 Commission; contact office for current information and charges.

Water Billing

Trails End Water District 2 bills monthly. Your payment is due by the 15TH of the month.
Bills may be paid with cash or check, by mail or dropped off in white box outside office. Credit or debit cards may be used online through NexBillPay service.
If You Disagree with Your Water Billing

If you believe your bill is in error, please call 360-552-2503 and we will attempt to resolve the issue. If we cannot come to a mutual agreement, you may appeal your case to the Commission at their next regular meeting.

Trails End District 2 Water Billing Office

Pay Your Water Bill Online

We have partnered with Nexbillpay to extend an additional payment option for customers interested in using their check, debit card or credit card to pay their bill. Nexbillpay is a trusted third party automated payment service that allows you to pay your bill online.

Nexbillpay charges a small service fee to cover payment handling and all processing charges. Service fee will be calculated and disclosed prior to finishing your payment.

Trails End Water District 2 does not keep any part of the Nexbillpay service fee. Nexbillpay is a separate entity providing a service for all the customers of Trails End Water District 2.

Customers will need the following to pay their bill:

The account number (located on your billing statement).

Your payment method: check, debit card or credit card.

To Pay Online, Begin Below

To begin your quick and easy bill payment you must agree to the following:
If your account is delinquent, disconnected, or in the disconnect process, you MUST contact our office BEFORE you make a payment. Services will not automatically be restored or prevent disconnection if payment is made without contacting our office FIRST!
Trails End Water District 2: 360-552-2503

IMPORTANT: Trails End Water District 2 is not liable if you receive a disconnect notice and do not call our office before making payment. Your services may be disconnected and will be subject to a reconnect fee. If you are disconnected, your account balance plus a reconnect fee will need to be paid in FULL before services are reconnected. If you are currently disconnected and make an online payment, your utilities WILL NOT be reconnected unless you contact our office to inform us of the payment.